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Week 10 (Fiction Project 2) – Workshops

Fiction Project Guidelines:


Workshop rules:

Screenwriters will make hard copies for each speaking role BEFORE class and send a pdf script WITH TITLE PAGE to professor at least 3 hours before the start of class.  Screenwriters will NOT be allowed to read their own script, only to listen to others read.

Readers will not attempt accents nor will they otherwise try to overact.

Audience members will listen respectfully and offer constructive suggestions.  Suggested topics to discuss after a reading:  Too long? Too short? Just right? What was the overall effect?  What was/was not clear by the end?

Textbook / Reading assignments on syllabus):

153.Fiction Step Outline Pointers

153.Adam Davidson.The Lunch Date

153.Sample Movie Treatment-Lilly

153.Fiction Treatments

153.Active Reading Guide for Screenplays

153.Setting the Scene

153.Matt-Trey 6 Rules

153.Freaks&Geeks.Bible excerpt

153.Log Lines

The Luckiest Woman on Earth.Harpers

The Luckiest Woman on Earth.Word

Step Outline: LUCKIEST WOMAN ON EARTH – Version-1

Step Outline: LUCKIEST WOMAN ON EARTH – Version-1 with supporting text

Step-Outline:LUCKIEST WOMAN ON EARTH – Version-2

Step Outline: LUCKIEST WOMAN ON EARTH – Version-2 with supporting text

153.Nonfiction Project.Treatment-AV examples

153.Nonfiction.Documentary Modalities-Evidence

153.Sample Nonfiction Project

153.A-V Scripting – Reenactment

SCRIPTWRITING by Sam Sloves (pdf)

16th Ed.MES 153 Handout Book

Screenplay formatting guides

Writer’s Store Screenplay Format Guide


153.Screenplay format rules

Short Films to view:  [BMCC Libraries Film Databases – link]

Charlotte et Veronique ou tous les garcons s’appellent Patrick (1959, dir. Jean-Luc Godard/scr. Eric Rohmer, 20 mins.)

J’Attendrai le suivant (I’ll Wait for the Next One) (2002, dir. Philippe Orreindy/scr. Philippe Orreindy & Thomas Gaudin, 4 mins)

The Lunch Date (1989, dir./scr. Adam Davidson, 11 mins.)

Surprise (1995, dir./scr. Veit Helmer, 6 mins.)

Kom (1995, dir./scr Marianne Ulrichsen, 4 mins.)  (or Here)

Lifted (2006, Gary Rydstrom, 5 mins.)

The Umbrella Man (2011, Errol Morris, 7 mins.)

Sit (2016, Yoko Okumura, 12 mins.)

Feature Film to view[BMCC Libraries Film Databases-link]

The Godfather (1972, dir. Francis Ford Coppola; scr. Francis Ford Coppola and Mario Puzo, from the novel by Mario Puzo)  (Swank Digital Campus — off campus link — need to be logged in to BMCC Library to access)

Outlines to Short Films:

Step Outline-KOM

Step Outline-SIT

Tools of Analysis:

Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling

Elements of Three Act Structure

3 Act Structure Breakdown

Three Act Structure.Jim Soto glosses SYD_FIELD

Core Events-Protagonist.The Tortoise and the Hare

The Seven Basic Plots – Summary

Plot vs Story

Short Film Analysis Worksheet

       Matt and Trey at NYU