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Week 6 (Nonfiction Project 1) – Treatment into A/V Script

Nonfiction Project Guidelines:

153.Nonfiction Project Guidelines  — NONFICTION PROJECTS DUE WEEK 7

Textbook / Reading assignments on syllabus):

153.A-V Scripting – Reenactment

153.Log Lines

The Luckiest Woman on Earth.Harpers

The Luckiest Woman on Earth.Word

Step Outline: LUCKIEST WOMAN ON EARTH – Version-1

Step Outline: LUCKIEST WOMAN ON EARTH – Version-1 with supporting text

Step-Outline:LUCKIEST WOMAN ON EARTH – Version-2

Step Outline: LUCKIEST WOMAN ON EARTH – Version-2 with supporting text

153.Nonfiction Project.Treatment-AV examples

153.Nonfiction.Documentary Modalities-Evidence

153.Sample Nonfiction Project

SCRIPTWRITING by Sam Sloves (pdf)

16th Ed.MES 153 Handout Book

Short Films to view:  [BMCC Libraries Film Databases – link]

Kom (1995, dir./scr Marianne Ulrichsen, 4 mins.)  (or Here)

Lifted (2006, Gary Rydstrom, 5 mins.)

The Umbrella Man (2011, Errol Morris, 7 mins.)

Sit (2016, Yoko Okumura, 12 mins.)

Feature Film to view[BMCC Libraries Film Databases-link]

The Godfather (1972, dir. Francis Ford Coppola; scr. Francis Ford Coppola and Mario Puzo, from the novel by Mario Puzo)  (Swank Digital Campus — off campus link — need to be logged in to BMCC Library to access)

Outlines to Short Films:

Step Outline-KOM

Step Outline-SIT

Tools of Analysis:

Pixars 22 Rules of Storytelling

Elements of Three Act Structure

3 Act Structure Breakdown

Three Act Structure.Jim Soto glosses SYD_FIELD

Core Events-Protagonist.The Tortoise and the Hare

The Seven Basic Plots – Summary

Plot vs Story

Short Film Analysis Worksheet

       Matt and Trey at NYU